You will need
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - the act of transfer and acceptance or invoice.
Make a contract of purchase and sale. This can be done in writing and on the letterhead. Make sure to specify all details of the organization, and from physical persons – passport data and residence address. In addition, the prepare act of acceptance-transfer of the car or slip on the transfer of the vehicle.
Accept funds from the buyer via cash organizations. In return, the cashier must issue a counterfoil receipt voucher with the stamp of organization. Only after that proceed to registration and signing of act of reception-transmission cars giving the technical characteristics and shortcomings of the car. If the cashier in your organization is not provided, the function of registration of reception of money from the buyer can be performed by the accountant. The accountant is required to reflect received for the amount of the car reporting period as the net profit.
In addition, the buyer can transfer money for the car through the Bank to the account of legal entity on receipt of the PD-4. This receipt should indicate: from whom funds are transferred, purpose of payment and the number of the contract of purchase and sale. This is the only way of transferring funds, if the organization for whatever reason does not have a cash register and can not issue a receipt.
Confirm the cost of the car act, an independent appraiser if the organization sells the vehicle to the Director or to one of the leaders. The fact that the participants of this transaction are related parties and the verification organization may be fined. The money in this case, you can just transfer from the personal account of the Director or supervisor on account of a legal entity.
After signing all these documents, the representative of the organization takes the car off the register in traffic police, and the buyer puts it on record in his name. The representative of the legal entity must have all vehicle documents, identification document and power of attorney from the Director of the organization.