File a tax return sure within a year from the date of sale of the vehicle. To do this, download the sample portal First, fill in all lines on the title page. Enter last name, first name, patronymic, passport data, INN. Make a number of adjustments. If the documentation the first time, enter zero (0). Mark the number in the column "Category of the taxpayer". It is available in the Appendix № 2 to the order of Federal tax service of Russia from November 25, 2010 № MMV-7-3/654. Learn code and OKATO code of the tax authority in the inspection at the place of residence where you need to provide the Declaration.
Enter the required data in the sheets A, E and in sections 1 and 6. Vehicle is the tax authorities to "other assets". In this regard, the amount of deductions on the worksheet E must not be more than two hundred fifty thousand roubles.
Reduce the amount of tax deductions from the sale of the car. To do this by collecting and presenting the tax inspector checks and receipts for the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle. These costs will be deducted from the total amount of tax. That is, if you sold the car for less than they bought, pay and have nothing. But declarations are still required.
Collect a set of documents. To the Declaration adopted, you will need:

- a contract for the sale of the vehicle;

- certificate of VAT;

- passport;

- original receipts and vouchers for the purchase and maintenance of the car.

Address tax office and contact numbers will specify on the website There you can ask any question at online-admissions regarding the filing and submission of tax reporting.
If you submit a Declaration personally is not possible, send it by mail. Fill it in, print out, and attach copies of all documents. Go to the nearest branch. Ask the postmaster to make an inventory of securities and to put on her number. It will be considered the date of filing. Send tax reporting only by registered letter indicating the exact address of the inspection.
To report the sale of a vehicle through the Internet by completing the Declaration on the website True, not all tax authorities accept documents in electronic form. Specify in advance in its inspection whether such an option.