The most powerful weapon women of her look. It should be applied in two ways. First method: on a date closely and carefully consider your fan. To find some, even a minor flaw in his appearance. Feel free to embarrass him. Second method: look in the menu only, to the side, on other people. Avoid eye contact with the fan, show a lack of attention to his person.
Obsessive boyfriend scare wedding ring. If you are married, borrow it from some friend's betrothed.
Ask your young person to intervene, to speak, as they say, a man with an annoying date. If you just show him that you have other men, it may only stir up boyfriend. Remember: the sense of rivalry among men in the blood.
If you don't have a life partner who can protect you from unnecessary attention, proceed to take decisive action. Declare your fan that is madly in love with him and demand immediate hike in the Registrar's office. Think that your relative, which quickly execute all documents. Most likely, your boyfriend will be frightened and leave you alone. However, one should not exclude the option of consent. In this case, let them know that your ideas about the future are not the same.
Try to figure out what you thinks and sees the fan, and stand before him in a completely different way, thereby destroying his ideal. Introduce your boyfriend with the alleged insane friends (tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are) or state that the men you are only interested in the size of their wallets. And for dessert give him a pass for the seminar is for losers.
Be frivolous and wasteful. Constantly demand expensive gifts, attention.
Nag at him every detail. With all flirt but at the same time make your boyfriend jealousy for no reason. This will finally debunk your perfect way and, most likely, the fan will flee from you.