Describe the room as a whole – its size, number and shape of Windows and doors, other architectural features, the overall impression. For example: "Huge, very bright room with high ceilings and six large Lancet Windows. The room has a wide double wooden door decorated with carvings".
Tell us about the decoration of the room – describe the color scheme of finishing materials, Wallpaper, mention about what kind of material covers the floor. Example: "decorating a room decorated in beige and sand colors. On the walls – Wallpaper fine vertical stripes, the floor is covered with linoleum with a pattern simulating parquet, doors painted beige paint". Be sure to mention about lighting fixtures – chandeliers, lamps, sconces or floor lamps.
Describe the furniture in the room – its functionality, appearance, shape, location. Characterizing soft furnishings, don't forget to mention about the color and upholstery material. "In the center of the dining room is large round dining table – light wood with curved legs. Around it are eight soft chairs, upholstered in blue velvet. The wall is a large glazed cupboard, also made of light wood." If the room has appliances, computer, audio - or video – tell us about her, too.
Don't forget about the textile design of the room. Curtains, draperies, bedspreads, decorative pillows – is also interior details. For example: "nursery Window decorated with bright curtains, floral, beds – blue and yellow striped bedspreads and pillows in tone."
In order for the description of the interior was completed, think about the decorative elements that you noticed in the room. These can be reproductions or paintings on the walls, flower pots, statues and so on. "On the mantelpiece stands a souvenir model of the Eiffel tower, on the walls large black-and-white photographs of Paris".