Advice 1: How to celebrate a birthday in Krasnoyarsk

Day of birth, perhaps a happy holiday childhood. With age, for many people it becomes a little sad. And yet I want to spend it having fun in a circle of desirable people. Where and how to celebrate the birthday of the residents and guests of Krasnoyarsk?
How to celebrate a birthday in Krasnoyarsk
Go with friends in the fresh air at the base of rest "manskiy Plyos . There you can celebrate a birthday, both summer and winter. The best way to relax from the bustle of the city and socialize with your friends will walk along the picturesque banks of the local river. Or enjoy Quad Biking. After a walk, visit a Russian bath with a steam Cabinet, prepare the barbecue and listen to music. Optional will be arranged fishing and hunting.
Think about that birthday may be noted in the sauna. In it for each of your guest will find entertainment: sauna, swimming pool, Billiards, karaoke. This is important – the birthday does not become a regular sitting at the table. Select one of the saunas of Krasnoyarsk network of SCBS, make a request. As the birthday boy, you can get 30% discount in the office at the address:, Krasnoyarsk, street of Railwaymen, 16 b.
Currently, Krasnoyarsk became a very popular leisure as a "Live quest , which is a plot exciting game that has a story behind it. In it each character has their own role and task. Contact any Agency on the organization of holidays in Krasnoyarsk city. Order for friends 3-hour fun that they are with you actively celebrate your birthday.
Think about how you mark the birthday of her child. Always want to see a child and his guests remember this day. Feel free to go order the Day of birth in children's play centres of Krasnoyarsk ("the Orange sea "Madagascar , "the beaver log, and others). Each of them offers its entertainment program, you just have to choose the one you like. Food and drink bring.
If the birthday falls on a Sunday, go to the pizzeria "pizza World , which is located in the shopping center "Krasnoyare . There you can enjoy entertainment from a clown.

Advice 2: How to celebrate a birthday in the office

You are preparing to celebrate the day of birth and look forward to meeting with friends in cafes, home gatherings with family and a romantic evening for two? But what about colleagues at work? They, too, want to congratulate you. Don't be fooled by their expectations – be sure to plan a small celebration in the office.
How to celebrate a birthday in the office
Each office has its own rules the celebration of commemorative dates – sometimes tacit and sometimes documented. If you are a beginner, be sure to ask them. It is allowed to gather directly in the workplace or is it better to organize a celebration in the dining room? As the company management applies to alcohol? And how much is customary to spend the holiday table for colleagues? Taking into account all these issues, you will avoid embarrassing gaffes.
Of course, the main "working" birthday festive table. Menu depends on the composition of the invitees. If your team is dominated by girls, stock up on fruit and ice cream. Ladies elegant age prefer cakes and sandwiches with delicious fish. Well, men need meat - at least in the same sandwiches.
Large us pehom in offices uses and homemade eatables – pickles and tomatoes, homemade cakes and biscuits. If you have the ability to treat colleagues such delicacies, do not miss it.
Don't serve too rich – this may be considered inappropriate bragging. If in your office there is no ban on alcohol, buy a couple bottles of wine, white and red. Do not interfere, and a bottle of spirits to use in cocktails. This set is enough for 10 people.
Stock up on paper napkins and towels, and a set of wooden skewers or toothpicks. Purchase paper plates and cups. If you are not satisfied with disposable utensils, buy a couple sets of inexpensive wine glasses – your coworkers will appreciate your contribution to the decoration of office life.
Take care of the musical accompaniment. Background music will add style conservative party. You may even be able to dance. However, please refrain from singing in the office is not accepted.
Please note that if your company accepted the congratulations in the morning or in the afternoon, they should not take more than 40 minutes. If you plan to gather after work, to stay longer. But do not forget that you are in the office. Wishing to continue the feast is to move to the nearest cafe or in the morning your mood may be overshadowed by the showdown with management. Remember – for your holiday are responsible it is you.
Useful advice
You don't have to invite to your celebration of all colleagues. However, keep in mind that even at a private party in one of the rooms they may look. Be prepared to meet them and treat.

Advice 3: How to celebrate a birthday in the summer

Birthday you can celebrate at anytime of the year, but most of all the opportunities you have open in the summer. If you are lucky with the weather, the occasion can be carried out just in the air, and to diversify its activity.
How to celebrate a birthday in the summer
If you have a cottage, organize birthday there. This is convenient because guests can stay overnight, which is impossible if you are simply going on a picnic. In the absence of a private country house you can rent a cottage for a few hours or a day. Consider entertainment for the company. If the property has a sauna, warn your friends so they took a bathing suit. You can also organise a barbecue.
Consider and treat. For summer vacation it is best to prepare light meals with seasonal ingredients. In early summer it can be salads with fresh vegetables and greens soup with young sorrel dumplings with early berries. Closer to August begins to keep up with fresh harvest vegetables like eggplant and zucchini. Of them can make a delicious casserole. Birthday cake to buy, but you can do it yourself-based light cakes, whipped cream and fresh fruit. As soft drinks in the summer suit of cold kvass and berry fruit drinks.
Arrange a birthday party in a tourist style. It will be interesting if your guests also like to hike. Arrange camping for a couple of days, for example, on the weekend after your birthday. Bring tents, sleeping bags and food supply - various canned food, cereal, soup concentrate. This birthday will be nice to remember in the cold winter.
If you do not have the ability to leave the city, spend a holiday in one of the cafes or restaurants where there is a summer veranda. Having to rent a hall entirely - if you wish, the staff will arrange a table even for a large company. Moreover, in honor of the birthday of some institutions give gifts - discount on all menu, a bottle of champagne or even a cake.
When the nature of the trip, especially in June, beware of ticks. They live not only in the Siberian taiga, but also in many regions in the European part of Russia. Even in the spring it is best to be vaccinated against encephalitis. But if you are not bothered by this in advance, follow the simple rules: regularly examine yourself and friends, try not to walk in the long grass, and the bite of a tick, contact your doctor.

Advice 4: How to celebrate a birthday in the pool

Birthday is a celebration that you want to make unforgettable. But over time, the original ideas are left. If you haven't celebrated a birthday in the pool, it's worth a try.
Birthday in the pool

Preparing for the birthday party in the pool

If you want to have the next birthday of your child forever, he was filled, try to come up with something original. A good option would be the birthday in the pool.

Parents will need considerable organizational skills. Just unlike the water Park in the pool no slides. But noodle, balls and other floating devices are better to get in advance. You will also need to prepare interesting competitions with the involvement of the aforementioned items. The more people come to the pool, the merrier will be the birthday celebration. It turns out that the pool can make a real family holiday.

Of course, some have to splurge on a day pass for the entire group, and prizes for participation in competitions. Not always in the pool well fed, so that on the festive menu is also better to think in advance. Sandwiches and packets of juices is a great option. Well, if you wish, you should find a pool with a sauna so the kids could warm up. This is especially true in the cold.

Contests birthday in the pool

Make sure you have interesting contests that children do not get bored in the pool. Here are some good examples of contests for this event:

competition is that a towel needs to be wet and to transfer the chain from one participant to another. Each need to survive water in a special bucket. The team, which is faster to fill the bucket, will be deemed the winner.

-you can have a real race and battle towels on an inflatable raft. This contest will clearly raise the spirits.

-the original competition with spoons is that you need to quickly collect spoons, thrown to the bottom of the pool. But keep in mind that children will have to dive. So with the depth that will be thrown spoons, it is better to decide in advance. It should not be too large, so the children were not difficult to swim.

another interesting variant of the competition is jumping off the rim in the Hoop or in the pool over the bar. However such a competition some may find traumatic. Just need to take some safety measures before the vote. First and foremost, you should make sure that all participants are good swimmers. But secondly, it is necessary to check that the sides of the pool was too slippery for kids.

Advice 5: Where to celebrate a child's birthday

The most important holiday of the year for any child is his own birthday. Of course, every parent wants to please their child, to make sure that this day was unforgettable. Of course, you can use methods that are time tested to prazdnovat home or in a cafe, but to celebrate the child's birthday can be more unconventional way.
Where to celebrate a child's birthday

The water Park is a place that loves every child. In fact, that loves kids, water and slides. Parents will need to collect the company of children and be sure to instruct them about safety. As a rule, water parks, the animators, which will help to give you water competitions. Headache on account of cooking food is no longer, as in the water Park you can always eat in the cafe.

The child's birthday in the summer – is, first of all, good weather that will allow you to organize a holiday in the fresh air. Can all together go to the country, recreation or just to the forest edge. The main thing – to think of the story of the holiday. Maybe you play a whole scene with other children in honor of the birthday. You can consider a number of quests. For example, initially gather all the crowd home and read the message, which came from the name of the king. The message may say that his only daughter is in the thrall of the evil Baba Yaga or the dragon. The children must save her. Then the whole crowd go to a scheduled place and conduct competitions that will help to liberate his beloved daughter of the king.

The birthday child 10 years can pass in a bowling alley. By choosing this option, parents free themselves from puzzles with holiday table and fun contests. That children do not get bored at the bowling alley, make sure in advance about the animator.

The child's birthday 5 years can be arranged in the kids club under the supervision of the animator and educator. The kids will ride with slides, swim in the pool of balls and jump on the trampoline. After the kids club, you can go the whole crowd is birthday cake.

Dear parents, do not feel sorry time and forces for the organization of children's holiday. Remember that the most pleasant memories are memories of childhood.


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