Depending on the available time you have, plan your stay in Kaliningrad. To get a full picture of the city, you should be familiar not only with museums and attractions. Restaurants, night clubs, theaters, shopping malls: all of this will help to get the full picture. In addition, be sure to leave a few hours for a casual walk around the city. Start by examining the main cultural values of the city. Visit the Cathedral, the Church of the Holy Family, the Amber Museum, and a newly built Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The mixture of cultures and eras, a unique combination of Gothic architecture on the background of Russian nature, amazing organ music: the tour is unlikely to find it boring.Select 1-2 days to visit some places in Kaliningrad, which have no analogues in Russia. Among them are the zoo and the Museum of the World Ocean. In the past you will be able not only to see the marine flora and fauna but also to visit a real nuclear submarine. If you are traveling with children, experiences they will last a long time.Every day choose different places where you will be eating. In Kaliningrad there are plenty of restaurants and cafes, absorbed the best European traditions. At popular Breweries ("Reduit", "Hercules", "Kropotkin"), you can enjoy the freshly brewed beer is not inferior to the German varieties. Focused on various Western cuisine restaurants ("Britannica", "Papasha Beppe", "Bricas") will delight with its gastronomic delights and will be another reason to return to Kaliningrad. Use the time for walks. Stroll along the promenade, take a sightseeing tour on a river boat, sit on the terrace of a coffee shop in the center of Kaliningrad. Take a stroll down the street Komsomol where you will be able to fully experience the architectural and cultural diversity of this amazing city.