All plants that take a long time to grow, sow in boxes. To such vegetable crops are tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, eggplant. If you want to get an early crop of cucumbers, and put them in boxes in the spring, when the snow just started to go. The exact number of seeding view on the package of seed. Periodically watering of planting, focusing on the degree of drying of the earth.
As soon as the threat of frost, transplant the vegetables outdoors. Do not fertilize the ground so hard, the young plants may die. They are a little stronger, pour them urea (fertilizer). Follow the General recommendations written on the packaging with the fertilizer.
During flowering vegetables, spray the buds "Ovary". So you can increase productivity because of natural pollination by insects does not always occur, especially in greenhouses.
To increase mass of fruits water vegetables fertilizer "Hadrianic". It is rich in nutrients necessary for proper growth and ripening.
Time to remove the weeds from the beds, they obscure vegetables that has a bad effect on their growth. After weeding a little podrujit the ground. Pour the landing the next day that the remaining weeds certainly dead.
All cultures, who fear the night cold dew or grow in the greenhouse. They manage not only to grow but also Mature. This is especially true of peppers and tomatoes.
The harvesting implement as fruit ripening. For example, cabbage, carrots and beets to remove in the end of autumn, because in the last days of growth as they are gaining weight. If throughout the summer you will be careful to the plants and not be lazy to care for them, they fall, they will gather a rich harvest that will last until next season.