The problem usually is that buying new things often, a woman thinks and what she will be combined. Purchase sometimes committed under the influence of momentary impulse. And in fact, need not so many things to look beautiful and elegant. Just items of clothes should be combined with each other, each time creating a new set.
First, you need to think about the color. This is one of the main indicators of taste. As wonderful and trendy as it may be, if it doesn't suit you, feel free to give up this outfit. Beautiful he will not do it. Define your color type and choose only the clothes that you are just fits and adorns, accentuates your strengths, for example, eyes, color of skin or hair.
The lack of complexes is certainly okay, but your figure must be assessed objectively. No need to buy things are tight, if you have extra weight, and sometimes not 1 or 2, and more. Why draw attention to a not very nice folds. If the legs full, should give up mini-skirts and tight hips pants.
There are numerous outfits that will help to hide what you need, accentuate the beautiful parts of the body. Therefore, wide waist disguise a dress or a tunic with an Empire line cut at the waist or dress in the Greek style. Full hand will help to hide capes, boleros or wraps. Full hips will hide in a straight skirt or a skirt-bell. Slender waist can be emphasized with a bright strap, beautiful Tits should not be hidden, and slender long legs.
But make sure that any clothing look feminine - no baggy hoodies, however, as causing the neckline and cuts. Everything should be stylish and elegant. Although some women these words you know is quite another.
Complement your wardrobe with beautiful and original accessories. Not everyone will be able to decide on an extravagant piece of clothing, but decorate themselves with a brooch, scarf, bright silk scarf, string of pearls can try any of the fairer sex.