The law the psychology of relationships says, " what is the most important sense for communication of people embedded in hidden signals (body language, touch). It is therefore necessary to pay special attention, and physical intimacy. Because physical perception is considered an essential part of human life. The study of children revealed the importance for brain development regular, delicate and gentle touch. But these figures do not end at childhood, because life goes on, we grow, and life without physical contact is to be absolutely alone.

The scientists also found that gentle touch greatly increases the degree of oxytocin in the human body, which affects the perception of relationships and habits. A serious relationship between two adults of the sex in most cases is the cornerstone of the relationship. But sex should not be a single way of intimacy, do not forget about touching, hugging, kissing – they also play a role.

Take care of your partner. Since touch is considered a major part of normal relations, it is very important to know what your partner likes. But don't get too carried away, because obsessive affection or excessive lead can cause tension and even the desire to pull away.