Avoid prolonged eye contact. When talking fluently wzglednie in the face and then turn your sights on something else.
If a man is flirting, pretend you do not understand hints, respond to everything said seriously or just ignore it.
Try not to stay with a man alone. If you have somewhere to go along, bring a friend or another escort. When, despite all efforts, you still remain alone with a man, avoid even cursory eye contact, look around. Conversation translate to friends or discussions of any pressing problems.
All let us understand that the man you care about. Communication keep cold politeness. Do not allow towards the man or outbursts of anger or flirtation.
Give the man to understand that you have already got someone, and that person may for you to stand.
To suppress any attempt of physical contact. If a man gets too close and invades your personal space, step back, and restoring between your neutral distance. When nowhere to retreat, you can use any posture that is with body language "translated" as "closed". If pesky boyfriend hugged pleases you, remove his hand and accompany this action with the remark, aged in the spirit of the same cold courtesy.
Avoid taking from men the gifts that you to commit to something. For example, if it is your boss, and on March 8 he made a small gift to each employee, such a gift can take. However, if you give an individual gift, and besides, my dear, should be discontinued.
A man who has annoyed you with their feelings, maintain conversations solely of a practical nature. For example, if the pesky suitor – your colleague, talk to him only about work. Attempts to turn the conversation to personal topics stop by saying that you have an urgent task and other similar excuses.