March is the time beriberi, to escape from which, fly closer to the soft sea waves, and hot sun. The palm is traditionally held States such as Egypt, Arab Emirates and Thailand. If you wish a beach holiday in these States you can always combine with a fairly rich excursion program.March in Egypt is considered a relatively cool month. The temperature usually does not rise above +25 degrees, in addition, blowing in from the sea quite fresh wind. The main advantage of the March trip to Egypt is the low price that attracts to the Land of the pharaohs thousands of tourists.About the same weather in March is Emirates. Stay in this Arab country suitable for tourists who prefer cool clear weather, warm sea, high level of service and endless shopping. In March at a local shopping pass sales. Here you can buy clothes of the best world manufacturers at bargain prices.But the mysterious Thailand in the first month of spring boasts excellent weather. The Kingdom in March – a wonderful choice for those wishing to soak up the rays of the hot sun. Returning from Siam, you are sure to impress loved ones, great mood and amazing tan.In March, tourists will be comfortable enough in Latin America, among which the most attractive Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Cuba. Lovers of the exotic are waiting for the mysterious caves on the coast of Vietnam, elephant farm in Sri Lanka, river backwaters where crocodiles and Buddhist temples in Goa.The Paradise beaches of the Canary Islands and the Dominican Republic offer a comfortable stay to the travelers willing to fly across the ocean. Very popular in the Canary Islands is the island of Tenerife. Its many emerald valleys and gorges, mountain slopes, covered with vegetation, barren lava fields give an unforgettable vacation and amazing memories for a long time. In addition, in March in Tenerife are hot carnivals, which are almost not inferior to the Brazilian one. It is worth a look! Fans of winter fun in March still have time to go to rest to the ski resort. The undoubted leaders in this area are the ski resorts of France, Switzerland and Austria. A little more modest ski in Poland and Slovakia.And of course, March is a good time to travel to Europe. What could be better than a holiday in Prague, where in March are starting to turn green clearing with crocuses. You waits Vienna, where couples sit at the tables of outdoor cafes, and the morning air filled with aromas of the most delicious Old world cakes. March is a suitable month for travel to Rome – the city where it joins the heart. In March it is especially beautiful. Here at this time ripe oranges. It is a city that denies the sadness, longing and winter, regardless of the time of his visit.In early spring, when the winter cold is already losing out, it's time to go on vacation in the Northern regions of Russia. Arkhangelsk oblast, Karelia – in this region you can fully enjoy all the marvels of the Northern nature.