The installments on the car is one of the most popular ways of purchasing a vehicle after the loan. If the processing of a loan you have to pay monthly interest (sometimes the overpayment is half of the value of the vehicle, taking installments, you will pay a specific amount that is spelled out in the contract.

The purchase of a car in installments

Usually all shops that sell car give installments for the equipment that has a high cost. For example, none of the dealers will not sell you a used car in installments is disadvantageous.

When buying a car in installments and the buyer and the seller receives some benefit. Future owner of a new car will not have to pay, making every month in addition to payment also of interest. The advantages should include a minimum of documents for registration of the installments, you will need only the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Shopping is the best installment since they can sell any product at a premium that the buyer will not notice. The installment is one of the marketing moves that are often used shops.

The car loan and installment: what's more profitable

The loan has become for many people a real salvation, especially in cases where private funds are insufficient to complete the purchase. A loan to buy a car to take much more profitable as the interest rate it much lower than consumer loan.

If you have two ways of buying car installments and credit, and you don't know what's more profitable, you should carefully calculate the overpayment on the loan, compare the interest on a loan to buy a car and choose the method that will hit the pocket. Subject to availability, to quickly pay the balance of the cost of the car would be more profitable to take the credit. If you prefer to pay every month a small amount for several years, you should pay attention to the processing of loan.

The details of the purchase cars in installments

Not to get in trouble, you need to know some of the details of buying a car in installments. For example, most stores will require you to pay an initial amount equal to 15-50% of the total cost of the car. The only document you will need a passport, signed application to receive the installments, as well as photocopies of passports and driver's licenses. It should be noted that the installment purchase the car can get the citizens of the Russian Federation, aged 18 years. The last payment you have to make prior to the execution of 65 (retirement age).