Advice 1: How to enable window Manager desktop

The inclusion of utility "Manager window working table" may be required if problems occur with the effect of Aero you have a computer running Windows version 7. The solution to this problem by means of the system.
How to enable window Manager desktop
Call the main system menu version Windows 7, by pressing the "start" button and click "control Panel". Open the "administrative tools" link and expand "Services". Select "Enabled" in the drop-down list for the string "Manager of the Windows desktop Wallpaper" and confirm saving the changes by pressing the OK button.
Use an alternative method to force enable the service Manager of Windows, working Desk tool "registry Editor". To do this, return to the main menu "start" and go to "Run". Type regedit in the Open box, and confirm the utility of the editor, click on the OK button.
Expand the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftwindowsdwm and create in the right pane of the editor window the new string value, DWORD 32-bit name UseMachineCheck. Set the key value to 0.
Create the following parameter with the same Imam Blur and also give it a value of 0. Next, create another string value named Animations. Set 0 as the value of the generated key and save the changes. Shut down utility registry editor.
Again, return to the main menu "start" and type cmd in text box of the search string. Open the context menu of the found component command interpreter in Windows click the right mouse button and select the "Run as administrator".
Type into the text box command prompt:net stop uxsmsnet hight start execution of the selected action by pressing the function key Enter. These commands will stop the job Manager Windows, working Desk and restart it again. Make sure that the service "Manager of the Windows working table" is enabled and the Aero effect can be used.

Advice 2: Is it difficult to work as a dispatcher in taxi

Manager taxi - demanded profession. It has its difficulties. The main one is the difficult work schedule, the ability to restrain negative emotions, the need to memorize large amounts of information.
Is it difficult to work as a dispatcher in taxi

Manager – face campaign

The dispatcher in a taxi is a link between the company and the client. From the Manager all smooth workflow and company profits. Calling the taxi service, the customer immediately starts to communicate with this employee. As the hallmark of the company, the Manager should appeal to the customer during the conversation.

It seems that this work is very simple, but actually it is not so. Working as a Manager in a taxi, you need to tune in long hours, possible per diem shifts, more nervous when dealing with rude customers and taxi drivers. In addition, you need to be responsible for the correct delivery of the client's address. Manager taxi very tired during his work shift.

Basic requirements for Manager

In most companies, the main condition for making a person to work is the presence of a beautiful voice and good diction. This indirectly motivates the client to re-contact this company. If a person will develop a good impression after talking with a Manager, he has not just seek the services of a taxi on this telephone number.

Another difficulty may present for the applicant in place of the Manager, such requirement as is a good knowledge of the city and the geography of the area, as well as the ability to work with maps. For the announcement of the amount of the travel Manager often needs to build himself a future route and calculate its cost. If the taxi service has a different tariff rate, the Manager should be able you treat them right and if necessary clearly explain to the client.

Modern cab companies must be proficient in PC and the installed programs services – in this difficulty should not arise, since now the vast majority of people know how to use a computer. The programs also teach on the spot.

Life experience

Manager important personal qualities: kindness, tactics and training. Each caller to the taxi service, the client must be sure that he will help and will listen to his requests and wishes. Good stress tolerance and ability to find common ground in conflict situations is also useful.

Thus, for the challenges of this work in the first place should be attributed to the irregular work schedule, great psychological stress, work at night or during the day.

Work as a Manager in a taxi has certain difficulties, but it allows you to develop many skills that can be useful in life.
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