The first method of launchManagerand task"is the easiest. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and a window will appear in the application. It has several tabs: "Applications", "Processes", "Performance", "Network", "Users". In the tab "Applications" you can always close any running programs, if it is, for example, not responding to user requests. The Processes tab displays all running on a computer in the present processes, they can also be turned off: select the row with the process, click "End process" and "Yes."
"Manager tasks" you can open without using the keyboard - press the right mouse button on the panel of tasks (the long horizontal bar at the bottom of screen with start button and quick launch icons. The cursor must be on the empty part of the panel. You will see a context menu panel, where you should select the "Manager tasks".
With the defeat of a computer system virus openingManagerand task" is often a problem. Many malicious programs know how to block it from running, so the user could not disable the operation of the virus. In this case, you will see a message that the "Manager tasks" is disabled by the administrator. First, use an antivirus and get rid of the malware. To the "Manager tasks" start again, click on pane task button "start" and then select "Run...". In the box type gpedit.msc and click OK. In the window "Group policy" go to the tab "user Configuration - > Administrative templates - > System - > Capabilities Ctrl+Alt+Del". Double click with the left button of row "Delete the Manager of tasks". A window will appear "uninstall task" - select "Disabled" - > Apply -> OK. Close the window "Group policy". Restart the computer, or minimize all Windows. Right click the mouse on the empty space of the Desktop and select "Refresh". Now the "Manager tasks" again will start and run normally.