You will need
  • - the Internet.
To delete such comments, you need to have access rights. If you have your own website, then you can delete comments, both via admin panel and user menu. To delete comments through the admin panel, go to the system website by entering the appropriate data. Next you need to find something like "Master comments" or "Recent comments". Each engine has its own tab, which you can see all comments or show all comments, which are available on the website.
You can also delete comments when you are viewing the latest news. As practice shows, all the comments are mostly added automatically by programs in the popular or newly posted materials on the website, so regularly check this category for spam, and different malicious links. Search engines do not like such things, and with a large number of spam can impose on your website limitations.
If you have a website no access to the admin panel, but you have administrator or journalist, you can also edit or delete comments from the site. To remove any comment, open it and click "Remove". However, it should be noted that all the logs are saved in a special tab of the administrator if it is not properly work, the site administrator can view all transactions that have been committed on the website.
There are also special anti-spam modules that allow you to automatically remove all links posted by users. For each engine specifies different types of modules.