Advice 1: To delete a comment on the website

In connection with the development of information technologies and software, the Internet is often used automated programs that send in comments to various ads and much more.
To delete a comment on the website
You will need
  • - the Internet.
To delete such comments, you need to have access rights. If you have your own website, then you can delete comments, both via admin panel and user menu. To delete comments through the admin panel, go to the system website by entering the appropriate data. Next you need to find something like "Master comments" or "Recent comments". Each engine has its own tab, which you can see all comments or show all comments, which are available on the website.
You can also delete comments when you are viewing the latest news. As practice shows, all the comments are mostly added automatically by programs in the popular or newly posted materials on the website, so regularly check this category for spam, and different malicious links. Search engines do not like such things, and with a large number of spam can impose on your website limitations.
If you have a website no access to the admin panel, but you have administrator or journalist, you can also edit or delete comments from the site. To remove any comment, open it and click "Remove". However, it should be noted that all the logs are saved in a special tab of the administrator if it is not properly work, the site administrator can view all transactions that have been committed on the website.
There are also special anti-spam modules that allow you to automatically remove all links posted by users. For each engine specifies different types of modules.

Advice 2: How to remove ads

Pop-UPS and banner ads can drive you crazy the most patient user. That is why the developers of extensions for popular browsers have created a means of dealing with Intrusive advertising.
How to remove ads
To disable the emergence of advertising while working in Google Chrome, click the settings menu (the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select "Tools" then "Extensions". Go to the search extension by clicking on "More extensions". In the search box enter Adblock and click the search button. Click the extension icon, and then click "Install". Extension to block ads will be added to your browser, and you get rid of the ads.
To remove the advertisement, which surfaced while working with Mozilla, go to "Menu", then "Extensions" and selecting "Manage extensions", then click "Install". In the search box Noads and on the next page with search results click on the Install button next to the icon of the extension NoAds. Will install the extension for blocking ads in the browser.
To disable all kinds of advertising Windows in Mozilla Firefox, click "Tools", then "Extras", and finally "Search for add-ons". In the search box enter Adblock Plus. When the addition is found, click the "Add" button, and it will be installed as a Supplement to remove ads in the browser.

Advice 3: How to delete a comment in Classmates

The social network "Odnoklassniki" users can communicate with each other, exchanging messages, leaving comments on forums and in groups. Well, if you don't like the comment or it is outdated and has lost its relevance, it can at any time delete.
How to delete a comment in Classmates

Where to leave comments

Users of social network "Schoolmates" can not only communicate with each other by sending each other messages, but also to take an active part in the life of any user of the site, leaving their opinions in discussions photos, statuses, a variety of themes in groups. Naturally, comments can be left and stored on your page content. Unfortunately, not all users of the site are correct, so some of the discussions in serious need of "cleaning".

Delete comments

If you for any reason – for example, in discussions contains insulting, swearing want to remove a particular comment left on your page, do as follows. For example, to remove unwanted picture caption, go to "Photo". Then personal photos or photo gallery click on the image you want, open it and on the right, find the link that says "Comments". Click it, and then in the window that will appear the caption to the photo. Hover the cursor over the comment you want to erase, and click on the appeared right next to the signature generation time cross. Then you will only confirm their decision in the new window that opens. On this page user will ask: "Delete this comment?". If your choice is final, press the "Delete" button. If you still doubt the correctness of the chosen decision, then click "Cancel".
When the cursor is on the x next to the signature shows "Delete comment".

Similarly, you can remove the comment in the status of "Classmates". To do this, click on the link that says "Notes" on your personal page and open the desired note. After you move the cursor to the comment you want to delete and click on the cross next to the unwanted title.
Please note that deletion is only possible on a personal page and only on your photos and notes. "Pohozyaynichat" in the discussions of other members will not succeed.

If you are a moderator or admin a private group, you can also clean the spaces of the groups, removing them the incorrect message. To remove them you will need to enter group and choose a topic, and then, using the same cherished cross to remove inappropriate entries.

Advice 4: How to remove the hosts file at the entrance to the site Vkontakte

The network address of any web page can be represented in digital or alphanumeric form, for example, (the domain name) or (IP address). For converting domain names to IP address and reverse transformation the computer responds to a text file hosts.
How to remove the hosts file at the entrance to the site Vkontakte

What is hosts

The hosts file is in the folder c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc. Except for comments marked with #, it contains the last row with the local address of the computer: localhost. For Windows 7 and Windows Vista the last lines of the file look a little different: localhost
::1 localhost

In Internet slang, the word "host" in the broad sense understand the server that provides the access to the files. When you enter the domain name of the website into the address bar of any browser first accesses the hosts file on your computer to check whether it contains that name. If the name is not found, access a DNS server that translates domain names into IP addresses. The website opens if the name matches any IP address.

How to change hosts

The desire of employees spend time working in different social networks often annoys employers. Yes, and parents don't always like what children go missing or Vkontakte. You can block these sites on your computer, if you change the contents of the hosts file. If you can't come to the VC, it is possible that a user with administrator rights next to the IP address of the local computer wrote the domain name of your favorite site:

The site Vkontakte has several "mirrors", ie domain names, so blocking only one of them does not make sense.

In addition, some viruses modify the file by writing to the right of the IP domain name of fake site, where you may be required to send a fee for access to your account.

To go to the VK, you'll need to restore the original meaning of the hosts. Since hosts is a plain text file, modify it using any text editor, e.g. Notepad. Right-click the mouse on the icon of the file and choose "Open with" then "Notepad." The file will then be available for editing. Write down the correct value of a domain name for the local computer depending on Windows version.
You can simply delete the hosts file – after rebooting the system will restore it with default values.

Note: the hosts file has no extension. It is a text file, not a document. If you see an icon hosts.txt quite possibly it's a fake file created by the virus. To see this, in the etc folder go to menu "Tools", choose "folder options" and open the tab "View". Tick the "Show hidden files and folders".

However, it is possible that the virus or the computer administrator has blocked the ability to change the file. Click on its icon, right-click and choose "Properties". Please note, what permissions are on the Security tab. Check the box next to "Allow change" for your account.

If this action is not available, restart the computer and log on in safe mode. To do this, press F8 after initial boot and choose "Safe mode" in the menu of different boot methods. Then try to edit the file or delete it.

There is another way. If you have not blocked the ability to change the hosts file, download it from another computer and install it on your.

Advice 5: How to delete a Facebook page permanently

Vkontakte - popular social network, the audience of which is about 250 million users. Despite the popularity of the network, some users might wish to delete your account. This can be done without problems, in accordance with clause 4.14 of the rules of "Vkontakte".

How to delete a Facebook page permanently

Unusual methods of "extinction" from "Vkontakte"

On various sites, which provides advice and guidance on a variety of topics and issues, as well as in forums where knowledgeable users share their own experience, there are many tips on how to remove the page "Vkontakte". This is explained by the fact that this function in this social initially it was not simple. So we come up with the customers with new methods that then with pleasure sounded from the pages of the social networks and in comments on various sites. So, you can often find the following tips. For example, some users of "Vkontakte" was invited to begin a furious attack members of the site with spam, which recommended to throw well-known and absolutely strangers. As explained by "experts", this method acted so insulted visitor "Vkontakte" will complain of spam and over time will block the bully. With the same purpose "pundits" suggest to spread in the network foul language, obscene pictures and other "junk".

Other users suggest the next version. To remove from the page all personal information, including correspondence with friends, photographs, music, all records from the wall, the videos, and not to go to the page within one to two months. It is believed that unclaimed page later will be completely removed from the site of administration.

The third group of "experts" recommends that you remove the personal page "Vkontakte" in the following way. You need to change the email address which is tied to the account, re-registered the box, then remove from the page all the information, and under "Privacy" in the menu "settings", all points to note "Only me".

The fourth option, which is proposed to be used for removal of page - contact support and specify your request.

Legal way to remove a page

However, all of these methods can be put on the back burner. After all, "Vkontakte" there was a legal way of removal of the page. To use it you need only to the left of personal photos to find the "My settings". Open it and at the end of the window that opens click the link "You can delete your page. Click on it and a new window from the list, select one item and indicate the reason you are going to leave the site "Vkontakte". Then will only confirm your decision and press the "Delete" button. Here you can select "Tell friends" to let your friends and followers about your "disappearance" from the site.
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