Add up all the numbers, incoming in the date of your birth. In the end you should get basic number from 1 to 9. For example, if date of birth 1 January 1980, you should have: 1+1+1+9+8=2. However, some numerological sources believe that the numbers 11 and 22 should not be reduced to unambiguous, because they are inherent in your own, special meaning.
Check the result of the calculation is the number with list of numbers:number date of birth 1 — a leader by nature. It must avoid selfishness and self-will. We must learn to correlate their interests with the interests of other people.Deuce symbolizes balance and, at the same time, contrast. These people are excellent advisers, they have soft and gentle nature. However, they are full of internal contradictions and should avoid any extremes. Learn to care not only about others but about myself.People number date of birth 3 often at an early age demonstrate the ability to acquire knowledge, they have a sharp mind. But such a person lives one day. By nature he is impatient and seek to adapt to circumstances.The number 4 is inherent in the nature cautious, avoids risk and abrupt changes. Is workaholics, striving to understand yourself.5 as the number of birth belongs to the person fickle, loving adventure and adventure. Such people are easy-going, cheerful. But love to frequent change prevents such a person to evaluate what he has in the present.The number of day of birth 6 describes the person in a reliable, calm, balanced. Prone to self-sacrifice. However, they look somewhat cold and unemotional, which is not always evokes sympathy of others."Seven" - mysticism. They have a rich imagination, vivid imagination, a penchant for analytical thinking. Strong personality become famous people. Often these people — writers, poets, composers, philosophers and thinkers. Can become leaders, and victims of sects.The number of birth 8 symbolizes business and enterprise. These people are directed forward, and the obstacles do not stop them, but add enthusiasm and effort. They are lucky in money, but they are often stingy and they are characterized by snobbery in the choice of entourage."Nine" often fail to realize their talents and choose the right path in life. Under this number are born musicians, discoverers of something new, and inventors. A person with the capacity for high growth.
If the result of adding all numbers of date of birth you get the numbers 11 or 22, do not reduce them to single digits, and note the interpretation of these special in numerology numbers:the Number 11, as opposed to the 2 to which it may be reduced, has in its essence the initiative and determination which is lacking in the usual "twos".The number 22 as the number of birth number 4 adds to the mysticism. These people have inner peace ultimately prevails over external.