You will need
  • Corel Draw file with text.
Create a document in Corel Draw. Clicking on the toolbar Text or by pressing F8, enter arbitrary text. Place it on a sheet you can, as you wish.
In line with the text tool click the Pick Tool. Displays a list of the fonts installed on your computer. Select those that are appropriate for the layout. Save the file using Save As or pressing the hot keys Ctrl+S.
As <em>translate</em> <b>curves</b> Corel
Now proceed directly to the save the text to curves to on any computer, the layout has been opened without distortion. To do this, highlight the text with your mouse, and select in the main menu Arrange. From the drop-down list, select Convert To Curve. Similar property is enjoyed by the shortcut key Ctrl+Q.
As <em>translate</em> <b>curves</b> Corel
Indicator that the text is translated in curves, will serve as the appearance of the letters of the text of the additional nodal points. Actually this is not the text as such, but a set of vector objects. They can be cut, to separate, to separate the nodes, etc, work just like any vector object.
As <em>translate</em> <b>curves</b> Corel
Before transferring the file to another media group the composition. Save the modified file under a different name by pressing Ctrl+S.