Advice 1: How to convert text to curves in Corel

The situation when the text fragments of the digital mock-up when opened on another computer into a set of mysterious characters, is not uncommon. This is because in the set of fontsinstalled on different processors, there are differences. To cope with the problem by translating the text in Corel Draw in curves.
How to convert text to curves in Corel
You will need
  • Corel Draw file with text.
Create a document in Corel Draw. Clicking on the toolbar Text or by pressing F8, enter arbitrary text. Place it on a sheet you can, as you wish.
In line with the text tool click the Pick Tool. Displays a list of the fonts installed on your computer. Select those that are appropriate for the layout. Save the file using Save As or pressing the hot keys Ctrl+S.
As <em>translate</em> <b>curves</b> Corel
Now proceed directly to the save the text to curves to on any computer, the layout has been opened without distortion. To do this, highlight the text with your mouse, and select in the main menu Arrange. From the drop-down list, select Convert To Curve. Similar property is enjoyed by the shortcut key Ctrl+Q.
As <em>translate</em> <b>curves</b> Corel
Indicator that the text is translated in curves, will serve as the appearance of the letters of the text of the additional nodal points. Actually this is not the text as such, but a set of vector objects. They can be cut, to separate, to separate the nodes, etc, work just like any vector object.
As <em>translate</em> <b>curves</b> Corel
Before transferring the file to another media group the composition. Save the modified file under a different name by pressing Ctrl+S.
To convert the text back to the impossible, that is why the modified file is best to save under a different name.
Useful advice
When you transfer files from media to media best all depicted in Corel Draw, translate to curves in order to avoid distortion.

Advice 2 : How to translate in English font

Neither Russian-speaking user of the personal computer will not be without change the keyboard layout in English font, as the Internet addresses many of the teams and nicknames written on it. Switch your keyboard to English layout will not be difficult even for an inexperienced user, and it can be done in several ways.
How to translate in English font
The easiest way to translate keyboard English font is to use specially intended for this combination. In the settings of most operating systems by default the key combination is "Alt+Shift". First press Alt, then while holding down Shift. The keyboard layout changes to English, and this change will appear on the language bar, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen, to the left of the clock. The current layout is indicated by two characters: her RU - Russian, EN - English.
To change the keyboard layout as possible, without resorting to the use of keyboard shortcuts. To activate the keyboard in English font, hover mouse on the language bar and click on it with the left mouse button. Then at the top will appear a list of all possible keyboard layouts. Hover the cursor on the line that says "EN English" and click on it with the left mouse button. The keyboard is switched to English layout.
In addition, processing of switching to the English layout can be automated. For this download software Punto Switcher. After installation the program will start to run in the background and whenever you start typing is atypical for a given language, a set of letters, the program will automatically switch the keyboard layout. This solution significantly increases the convenience of the computer.
Keyboard shortcuts for changing keyboard layout are different, they can change also in the control panel with the help of the service "Language and regional standards". As a rule, alternative keyboard shortcuts are "Left Alt+Shift", "Ctrl+Shift", "Shift+Shift".
Useful advice
If desired, the key combination used to change the keyboard layout can be changed. To do this, open "control Panel" and double click on the icon "regional and Language options". In the dialog that appears, open the tab "More" then click "keyboard Settings". In the dialog box, change settings keyboard shortcuts.

If the language bar is not displayed, go to "regional and Language options", press "More" - "Language bar" and check the box beside "Show the language bar on the desktop".

Advice 3 : How to insert text in Corel

When working in Corel Draw, sometimes you need to insert a certain text. However, it must be done correctly, so that later had the opportunity to work with him.
Corel Draw
Despite the fact that Corel - program functional enough, sometimes you have to resort to little tricks to facilitate his work. Graphical features of the program is quite extensive, but the typing still more convenient to use special text editors.
As the program Corel Draw is characterized as a vector graphics editor, in the first place, all the objects you intend to convert into lines and vectors. Therefore, Corel has its own specific parameters and conditions to work with texts. For example, if the sentence or the whole text to use the command "convert to curves", the text automatically becomes a so-called "vector image". This means that to work with it as text (change font, size, etc.) no longer, but now with letters, you can work as pattern (to stretch over the nodes to apply the function to vectors).

In order to transfer the text into Corel and not lose its formatting you want to copy selected text and paste it into the program window Corel. It is convenient to use keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl+C"(copy), "Ctrl+V"(paste).
Also insert text using the "import" button on the toolbar properties. This will open a dialog box where the program asks you to select the settings that should be retained when you import text.
The document, which was moved to Corel, will be located inside the dashed frame, the so-called borders of the text. Dotted marking greatly helps in working with inserted text. If the bottom or right side of the frame there was a black arrow that means that at this stage, the text does not fit in the specified dimensions. In this case, it is necessary to increase the boundaries of the text by pulling the cursor over one of the corners of the frame, or using the transfer to change the size of text.

Inserted into the document text can be edited to change the font and the color fill, apply different effects, using the toolbar and command "text" in the string "menu"
Before you save a file that has been used for font replacement, you need to convert the text to curves. To this end, a working arrow the text should highlight, then apply the key combination "Ctrl+Q" or use the command in the properties pane, "Reorder" - "convert to curves".
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