You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop
The main menu of the Brush tool can be found on the left panel. In this menu, the diameter of the brush, the stiffness - the smaller, the softer the brush edge of the brush. Below is the field in which you can see all brushesthat are in this specific photoshop. When loading or removing the brushes, they appear or disappear in this field.
On the right is a triangle, when clicked, which is usually a hidden menu. Here you can choose the thumbnail size that will reflect the brush. Also here you can do various actions brushes: download them, delete, restore, replace, and save. You can insert sets of brushes already in photoshop, no need to download additional.
For agrusti brushes in photoshop you need to go to this menu and choose Load Brushes. In the opened window specify the path to the file with the brushes with the solution .abr. Click on these files twice with the mouse and thus, you load them into photoshop.
You can create a brush with your settings, and save it. To do this, draw what would later become the brush. Then in the menu select Edit - Define Brush Preset. In the window that appears, enter the name of the brush. After that you will be able to find her in a field of brush set.
To the right of the menu brushes you can change the mode of blending. To see the different blend modes, experiment with them.
To the right are parameters such brushes as opacity and stiffness. The lower the stiffness, the more blurred will be the transition of the brush in the background at its maximum value in the region of the brush are clear and smooth. The lower the opacity of the brush, the more using it will become background.
Also in photoshop there Brushes palette. From the top menu select Window – Brushes. In the palette, the brush is reflected along the axes X and U. it Can be edited with numerical values or deform its thumbnail. All changes that occur to the brush, you will see the bottom of the window.