You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image.
To create a mask layer in Photoshop you should choose one of the options of the group Layer Mask from the Layer menu. The use of Reveal All is not visually change the image on the masked layer, but next to the icon layer icon will appear in the mask.
To start editing the mask, not the image, click on the mask icon. Application of this option Reveal All justified, if the area of the layer you want to make transparent, much less part of the image that will remain unchanged. To make part of picture transparent paint over the desired fragment black color on the mask.
Option Hide All will make the layer completely transparent, and the mask rectangle that will appear in the layers palette will be filled with black colour. To use this option more convenient in the case that layer, except for a small region, you need to make transparent. In order to indicate the opaque portions of the layer, paint them on the mask with white color.
To edit a layer mask you can use the tools Brush Tool, Paint Bucket Tool and tools Shape Tool, switched the mode to Fill pixels.
Adjustment layers in Photoshop are created by default with a layer mask in Reveal All mode. They are designed to apply a series of filters to all the visible layers file. To edit the mask in the adjustment layer using the same tools and colors, and to change the layer mask with the image.
To the layer filter or an image, you can apply two independently editable masks, one of which is a raster and the second vector. To create a vector mask, use one of the options of the group Vector Mask Layer menu. Like raster, vector mask can be created using the Reveal All or Hide All.
To edit vector masks, the Pen Tool and apply the tool, Shape Tool in Shape Layers mode.
Another way of changing the opacity of the layer in Photoshop is creating the clipping mask. To create a mask of this type will be positioned below the layer with the image, part of which should be made transparent, the image on the limits of the opaque area which will be clipped to this layer. The basis for a clipping mask can serve as opaque lettering, geometric figure, or any layer with transparency.
Click on the top layer and apply the option Create Clipping Mask from the Layer menu. The layer with the image will remain opaque only those areas that lie over opaque areas of a layer-basis.