You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image.
To give the edges of the picture blur you need to create a border image a large area of semi-transparent pixels. This can be done by erasing part of the picture tool Erazer Tool, hiding the edges of the image under the mask, creating a feathered selection and deleted the highlighted part of the picture. To process the image using one of these methods will load it into Photoshop.
Make the image available for editing. To do this, click on the image layer and select Layer from Background from the context menu.
The most obvious way to obtain a fuzzy edge is to wipe. Select the tool Erazer Tool and adjust the brush diameter so that it was not less than one third the height of the image. Parameter Hardness set the value to zero.
Slide the tool along the edges of the picture, holding the left mouse button. If you erased too much of the image, undo the last few actions in the History palette and reduce the diameter of the brush.
The same effect can be achieved by creating a layer mask. To do this, click on the Add layer mask button, which is visible in the lower part of the palette layers. Activate the Brush tool and configure it the same way as the tool Erazer Tool.
Make black the main color, click on top color square in the tools palette. Activate the layer mask by clicking on the white rectangle to the right of it, and paint over the edges of the mask with black. When you want to blur the edges this way you do not change the image itself and, if necessary, you can copy the layer, delete the mask and get the original image without the blurry edges.
A good way to create a semi-transparent pixel is in the feathering of the selection. To do this, select the part of the image that will be modified. You can do this with Rectangular Marquee tool or Elliptical Marquee Tool . If you need to create a selection of more complex shapes, use the Polygonal Lasso tool.
To feather the edges of a selection, use the Feather option from the Select menu. The value that you'll need to enter in the Feather Radius depends on the linear size of the image. The larger the feather radius, the more gradual will be to feather the edges. However, setting this parameter too high, you can get not blurred and translucent edges up to the border of the picture.
Option Inverse from the Select menu, invert the selection and remove the selected area by pressing Delete button.
Save the picture with soft edges option Save As from the File menu.