In men it's simple. There is clothing, there are casual, there is business suit on the way out. In women, however, there is such a variety of styles that one can easily get lost. Not to mention how difficult among them to find your own style.

The most popular styles in clothing

Classic style characterizes the lack of emotion. Color scheme black and white with a touch of gray and brown. Valid pastels. Things of high quality expensive materials, which will serve not one year. For example, a pencil skirt, black pumps, a pantsuit with thin vertical stripes. Classic is always in fashion.

Romantic style helps to create the image of a fragile air girls or men-romance. Flying dresses, frills, lace and ruffles for a feminine wardrobe. Scarves, hats, shirts with wide sleeves for men. Colors soft, pastel. Among the popular romantic floral print.

Sporty style is characterized by convenience. Clothing does not restrict movement and is suitable for outdoor activities. Some people choose this style as casual, neat clothing accessories. For example, denim shorts and a top in combination with a clutch.

In addition to these styles there are shocking, glamorous, erotic, ethnic, vintage, casual, country, disco, etc.

How to find your style

Analyze your qualifications and preferences. You can wear a chic dress to the floor and a tall heel, but if a girl prefers comfortable ballet flats and a mini skirt, will not work to create a harmonious image. Clothes should be an expression of the inner self.

Define your color type. If it is hard put to face the blue and orange sheets of paper. What is the background of the face looks fresh and skin healthy? If blue, choose clothes in cool shades. If coming from orange – warm.

Rate the characteristics of the body. Try to do this objectively. There's nothing worse than a full legs covered with leggings. Even if the figure is far from ideal, well-chosen clothes will accentuate her dignity, hiding all the flaws.

Making kit, make sure that it was a maximum of three different colors. Well look kits one color, but different shades. For example, a light purple skirt with a bright purple jumper.

Do not forget the accessories. They can transform any outfit and make the focus on your virtues. Pick jewelry for the part of the body or face you want to highlight.

And don't be afraid to experiment. With a sense of style isn't born, it needs work.