On clean linens to sleep much more comfortable. On it lie nicer and is faster, and breathe easier. This is true, not self. Dirty linen, it is really hard to fully relax. Besides, it can be dangerous to health.
Accumulated on bedding dust may contain viruses, spores, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. With their constant inhalation there is a risk of allergic reactions, respiratory complications, irritation of the mucosa, suppression of the immune system. In addition, linen has microscopic mites, which without special equipment to see it is not possible. They are not vectors and do not bite but they can cause allergies, get rid of that is difficult.
The cause of microorganisms is the man himself. They feed on is eliminated from the human body dead skin particles of skin. Their proliferation can be also associated with Pets who love to lie on the bed of the owners. These factors are sufficient for the rapid multiplication of the mites in the bed.
To avoid the unpleasant consequences allows periodic change of bed linen. The best option is 1 time a week. This is especially true of the warm season. Winter allowable change of linen every 2 weeks.
In addition to the time of year to the condition of the bed affects the personal hygiene. If people often to clean, and the linen longer it will stay fresh. In any case, if you have your own graphics change, not necessarily to get away from this routine, but only on the condition that this happens at least 1 time in 2 weeks.
Special attention should be paid to the pillowcases. They need to change more frequently, especially if hair tend to get dirty quickly. During an infectious disease or at elevated temperatures also require more frequent Laundry. Sometimes it makes sense to change the bed every day. After recovery it is necessary to lay fresh linen.
Protection from various contaminants is provided not only timely changing of bed. An important role is played by the process of washing and Ironing. Washable recommended bedding in water with a temperature not below 50 degrees. Hot water kills mites and bacteria. Good kills bacteria, even in relatively cool water, bleach. Therefore, if the fabric allows, during the washing it is recommended to use it.