Decide what will your workshop. You can work independently, but to attract the best partners. More diverse than the spectrum of presenting your services, the more customers you manage to attract.
Get to know the market. Maybe in your city there are a lot of studios that teach drawing or sculpting, but there is no anyone learning to make puppets or sew patchwork. Bet on the original perspective of the craft. Does not make sense to clone the Studio - consider what kind of creativity can be your unique offer.
Keep in mind, and fashion trends. For example, today a popular complex variants of needlework – manufacturer of glass beads, artistic forging, making of toys in mixed media. But the market soap making or felting in most regions is already saturated.
Decide on Finance. You will need a suitable room, necessary equipment and supplies. The staff and the decor of the room at first, it is possible to save. If you do not have available funds, consider where they can be found.
One of the suitable options and target grant for opening their own business, which can be obtained by registering at the district employment Center. You need to get unemployed, to get training and write a business plan. In case of success you will get money sufficient for organizing the workshop. Note, however, that the plan must be commercially justified, because you plan not just to create but to make.
Choose who you will work with children or with adults. Perhaps more promising would be for the whole family – for example, making holiday gifts, or cooking classes.
Decide with associated services. With creative Studio, you can open a shop that sells supplies for needlework. The good alternative is the gallery, which will exhibit for sale a variety of products. They can take on the implementation of other masters.
Think about advertising. It makes no sense to pay for the expensive commercials and billboards. But here's an article in the local newspaper or glossy magazine with a suitable subject can be very useful. Sign up on the city forums and social networks, invite the cooperation of schools, or shops for creativity. The more original will be your offer, the more chances of success it has.