One of the most popular methods of credit card URALSIB - through ATM. Please note that not all ATMs capable of receiving cash. Choose an ATM that supports this option, on the site of URALSIB Bank.

To refill you need to insert the card into the ATM and choose "Pay cash". ATMs of URALSIB supported the introduction of money by the bundle. After the ATM will count the deposited banknotes, the screen will display the amount to be credited. Remain click "Enroll".

Through the office of the Bank URALSIB

Recharge cards URALSIB is possible through Bank. This would require a map, and a passport holder. This method is safer because ATMs tend to hang out at the most inopportune moment.

If money translates of another person, he must know the account number, which is serviced by the card, as well as details of the branch INN, BIK and the correspondent account. The card number is not required. The money can be credited in any currency - dollars, rubles or euros with their conversion into the currency of account opening.

The Bank details can be found on the website of URALSIB. And the account number is issued with the card. But it is also always available in the Bank upon presentation of a passport or through Internet Bank or by phone. In the latter case, it is necessary to know a code word that you need to call the operator.

Transfer from card to card

Also you can transfer money from card to card URALSIB. This can be done via ATM or remotely, via the Internet Bank or through a special services card issuers.

For transfer through the ATMs of URALSIB insert the card, enter the pin and select "Transfer from card to card". Here you need to specify the number of the recipient and the transfer amount. Then the ATM shall issue a check. It is recommended to save it before receiving the money.

Money on the Visa card will be available for half an hour, MasterCard - 1-2 days. Please note that when transferring money from another Bank card will be charged a fee.

Remote methods to Deposit to card

The money at stake URALSIB can be translated through any Internet Bank. You need to know the details of the payee.

You can also tie your card to e - wallets- WebMoney, Yandex-money and to top-up their account. But it is worth considering that such transfers are accompanied by the Commission.