You will need
  • - the original scientific text;
  • - literary material.
Meet the basic requirements for contents and form of record supportive notes.

• Completeness of the material;
• Consistency and coherence in the reflection of the topic;
• Concise writing: basic abstract volume should be no more than sheet and reproduced orally for 5-7 minutes;
• Structuring of the records, i.e. the presentation of the material the points in the form of a simple or complex plan. Each block must Express a complete thought;
• Placement of accents, i.e., highlight key words, concepts with frames, fonts, different colors and graphic techniques (column, diagonal, etc.);
• Visibility;
• Communication with course materials, Handbook and other educational literature.
Write down the name of the topic on the subject. Review the necessary material on the text of the textbook, manuals, Handbook, etc. Select main in the studied material, make a synopsis in the form of simple records.
Select key words or concepts that reflect the essence of the subject. Depending on the purpose of the compilation of reference notes, a statement of the source may be very different in form, e.g. in the form of words, phrases and sentences in the lessons of a humanitarian cycle; charts, tables and formulas in physics and mathematics disciplines. You can also use pictures and various graphic symbols. Each of the key concepts should affect the reader as the reference signal.
Think about the way "coding" knowledge, selecting the necessary techniques.

Use the reception of abbreviations, to save time in the preparation of the supporting notes. Usually cut words used most frequently in the classroom, for example: SSP (run-on sentence), CL.Op. (phrase), Phys (physical), d (date). You can also use a graphical notation that captures the essence of the presented material. For example, in the reference notes on "Fused and separate writing NOT with the parts of speech" perhaps the use of mathematical signs "+" (to indicate one word) and "-" (to denote separate).
Make reference notes, subject to the requirements as to the form and content of records.