Charming smile. Even if you have problems in appearance, but you are friendly, open and radiant in your smile, you will definitely attract the attention of any guy. If you smile all the time, how would you invite a guy to meet you, and it will be much easier to come by.
Try to constantly present in his environment. You won't get attention if you are simply not around. People tend to sympathize with those around them. So, if you want to be the guy, you have to constantly communicate with him, to be close, to accompany him everywhere.
Learn to listen to him. Even if you do not agree with what he says, always listen to his point of view. It will show him its importance to you, will exalt him in his own eyes. For any guy there's nothing better than an affectionate, laudatory word of gratitude, even for the most insignificant, as you think, act.
In his eyes you have to stand out from the other girls. At least the fact that you are entirely focused on it. However, be careful, as you quickly get bored and fill the mouth young man. And end all that you throw or you will be next to those who absolutely do not care about you.
No matter what you look like and what your views are, stay yourself. You do not get a perfect relationship, if you will try to always be perfect and will not leave him a chance to fall in love with you is real. Don't be fake, be sincere and natural.
Always keep your dignity. Usually girls ignore their own dignity, and then their needs when they are seeking reciprocity. It is important that you respect and love yourself before you love someone. Otherwise you will get a dismissive attitude.
In every situation remain attractive and well-groomed. You should be fine for lunch in a café where suddenly decide to go to a party, where friends gathered, on the bus, in the subway, in the classroom, in the theater. Good appearance is the easiest way to attract his attention to you.
Try to be cheerful and merry. Create a positive aura around yourself. Happiness is contagious and want to be closer and longer with the person who is positive and optimistic and enjoys life.
And finally: now that you know how to get the guy of your dreams, make sure that it happens naturally. Do not force the event. If you're hooked, attracted and interested him, then use her femininity and rely on instincts. Then you hold it for a long time.