You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents for the reconstruction;
  • - documents for changes to the registry.
Reconstruction is considered to be any modification of partitions, installation of new door openings, equipment separate entrance, reconstruction of Sewerage system, water supply, ventilation shafts. To obtain permission for the reconstruction, contact the Department of architecture and urban planning, a statement.
If non-residential premises owned by the authority and transferred to you under a contract of employment, obtain permission for the reconstruction from the owner.
Invite a licensed architect to draft and sketch. If you change only the number of doors, equip a separate entrance, you need only architectural project of reconstruction of the premises. For conversion communications will also need to execute the project and a sketch of the reconstruction of engineering structures.
With the received documents, with the passport, the documents of title to non-residential premises refer again to the Department of architecture and urban planning. You will be given a pre-approval document. Sign it in all these bodies. Will require a signature public utilities, administration, fire brigade, SES.
On the basis of the submitted documents and the certificate of approval you will receive a permit for reconstruction.
Once you have carried out all installation and construction work, call the housing Commission of regional administration for drawing up of the act of receiving the converted premises.
Next, invite technical staff from BTI to make changes in technical and cadastral passport for it. Get extracts from the updated documents.
Invite an authorized representative of SES and fire protection. You will sign the acceptance act issued by the housing Commission.
Agree in all organizations, which supply energy.
Contact PPRC. Complete the application, submit the received cadastral extracts, act, passport, payment receipt for registration, documents of title to non-residential premises, copies of all documents. A single register will make information about the reconstruction of non-residential premises.