The easiest way to learn Ukrainian language - is lessons with a tutor. It is desirable that it was the bearer of the dialect that you are studying. The teacher will teach you conversational phrases, explain the subtleties and nuances of certain Ukrainian speed of speech, etc.
The second option is to contact the specialized community. There is a Ukrainian cultural centers, and themed meetings of residents Square in a particular club. In order to speak in Ukrainian fast enough, you only need to get acquainted with the indigenous people of Ukraine. Communicate with them in their native language will help you in a very short time to master the brotherly adverb.
A universal advice for learning any language. Its essence is this: you need to see as many films in the Ukrainian language, listen to audio recordings and read books. All unknown words, experts recommend to write in a special notebook. Pick them transcription and translation. So it is easier to replenish and enrich your vocabulary. And it is already halfway to success. Do not worry if at first will have to write every second word, after a while you will begin to understand Ukrainian speech.
Take care of the translation. The basis for it are the lyrics in Ukrainian. It is best for this purpose to use newspaper or magazine articles and clippings. So you kill two birds with one stone: learn the language and events in Ukraine, the deal will begin.
Practice in composing pairs of words. For example, pick the appropriate adjective to the noun or verb, etc. to remember them easier, and simultaneously studied the number of speech units will be much higher.
Another convenient in this case, the method of language learning is the selection of a cognate and equally sounding words. This is due to the fact that Russian and Ukrainian languages come from the same group. So, we can transform training in the original game - search for similar words.
If classes with the teacher-native speaker in your plans is not included, find your friends in the fellowship who are willing to teach you the intricacies of the Ukrainian language absolutely free. This can be done through the Internet, social networks, ICQ or Skype. Most importantly, don't be shy. Because in return you can teach your companion, the Russian language.