Functions tools are very diverse: from perform common tasks to the fight against computer viruses and manage settings for optional equipment.
Recover deleted files on PC is made through utility programs, which can be found free on the Internet. Using this software after an unsuccessful deletion of data from recycle bin, you can recover valuable files in place.
File encryption can also be performed by the utility, which provides protection of personal information, which is not subject to dissemination in the network.
Utilities monitor the performance computer parts: CPU, graphics card, hard drives. These helpers will let me know when you are spiking the temperature or switches off the function of reading the disks. In order to avoid this, the same programs regularly conduct inspections.
Utilities help manage extra built-in options and peripherals: CD/DVD drive, printer, fan, etc. for Example, there is a utility for your printer that allows you to reduce ink usage.
Utility for fine tuning system settings change, often difficult for a user to make a more user friendly GUI or to optimize the performance of the entire system. However, be careful when using them because they can make tangible changes to the registry or configuration, which later will be almost impossible to return to its original state. These utilities are called tweakers (tweaker).
However, utilities are not only useful but also harmful, for example, hackers created programs to damage the computer and steal personal files. The hacking tools are pieces of software code to automatically create viruses; worms interfere with the normal operation of the machine; joke programs that inform the user about information on the computer and confusing it, etc.
Some software developers provide users with versatile and complete software tools that implement most of the additional functions. With this kit, you should not be afraid of failures, these assistants can handle any issue much better than the standard software.