You will need
  • - construction materials for repair.
Repair wooden frame house remove the upper trim. Replace the rotten frame members. Open top, where you will fill up insulated material. Most often to produce zasypku enough to climb to the roof and attic side to fill the wall.
First, all the old backfill thoroughly tamp with a long pole on which to fasten the bayonet shovel. This method allows to fill all formed over time of the void. On top add the insulated material. Suitable slag, clay, earth. Again everything is thoroughly tamp.
To further insulate the house, fit an its two layers of mineral wool. This type of insulation does not create a steam effect, detrimental impact on wooden structures. Exterior you can do at your own discretion. As a finish suitable grooving the planks, siding.
If the house is made of timber or roundwood, for the overhaul required to replace rotten logs, which are most often on the lower crowns.
To replace the bottom logs to make the struts that can be mounted only on a solid logs with no signs of podgnivaniju. All the upper crowns fasten together by means of bars or plates, carefully tie the piers.
The struts dig into the ground slope and secure on the durable crowns that you don't plan to change. Gently remove the decayed timber and apply a new one. Repair need to make turns on all sides of the house. Remove all the rotten crown, as struts can not stand and the whole house will collapse.
In the frame, and in the log house, except repair walls almost always have to change the ceiling and floor. To repair the ceiling, remove the upper joists, install the new and lay the scaffold. To do tile the ceiling in the old house is dangerous, so it is enough to replace the old joists and planks for a new one.
The same method repair the floor. Remove all the old planks and joists and install a new one.