The most beautiful and versatile evening makeup done with black eye shadow. But in pure form they are rarely used. Black to combine with milk or mother-of-pearl shades of eye shadow or eyeliner. Brunette beauty also means you need to pick up a few lighter color such as beige or bronze colors.
Apply a light shade in the corner of the eye from the bridge of the nose, and the dark - a smooth transition from the middle mobile eyelid and to the outer corner. If you are doing makeup for eyeliner, apply a dark shadow across the length of the arrow, giving to its completion the graceful form of a petal.
More original eye makeup will work, if you apply a lighter shade eye shadow on the middle of the century, and a darker or black - in both parts of the eye: external and internal side.
Dark shadows can be used in another way – apply only in the crease of the upper eyelid. Or they cover all mobile eyelid, and the prominent place ottenete bright spot.
All transition lines evenly, making them smooth and soft. Don't place clear boundaries, otherwise the makeup will look deliberately unnatural.
For emphasis, swipe a thin light line under brownie arc. Or shade milk shades apply as the Foundation to the entire eyelid up to the eyebrow. This will allow you to make a smooth evening makeup. And under the eyebrow, blend with the lightest shade. So, you visually increase the eyes.
To the shadows to the end of the night, not showered, lightly powder the eyelids after eye makeup is complete. On top of the shadows, only use a transparent loose powder.