You will need
  • - Shade with slight pearl (light and darker shade)
  • - White shadows
  • Light pencil
  • - Mascara
  • - I always use tweezers
If you have small eyes, first and foremost, forget about the dark shadows. They are good only for large and expressive eyes. And the small eyes are dark shadows only visually reduce. So, for example, is not suitable makeup style smoky eyes.
It is best to do makeup for small eyes with a bright pearlescent shades. Please choose the shade with the smallest amount of Shine. Easy pearl visually enhance the eyes, but the strong colors have the opposite effect. Apply a light pearl shade need to the upper mobile eyelid.
The inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow to emphasize the white shadows. Then take the darker shade and apply it on the outer contour of the upper eyelid. Well blend the shade towards the outer edge.
To outline small eyes, use eyeliner. But the thick black eyeliner for small eyes is unacceptable. It simply "drown". If you want to use black eyeliner draw the thinnest line and display it on the outer edge of the eyelid. But instead of the black pencil is better to paint the eyes white or Nude pencil.
If you first don't confuse the size of the eyes and their round shape, appliances makeup small eyes must be slightly different. In this case, add a thin eyeliner brown or dark gray. Start pencil line as close to the eyelash roots, gradually lifting her from the outline of the eyelashes up to the eyelid edge. A bit output line for the outer corner of the century. This eyeliner will help give small round eyes, almond-shaped metres.
Do not use on eyelashes a lot of mascara, especially volume. Thick mascara will visually take a little eye in the "frame" and they will look even smaller. Before applying mascara be sure to curl your eyelashes with tweezers. This "open" look. Also costs a bit to tint the lower lashes.