You will need
  • cosmetic set.
The owners of black hair, dark eyes and dark skin should choose a concealer, Foundation and powder shade natural tan, ochre, beige. Avoid too bright and especially the yellowish tones because they will give you an unhealthy look. With regard to makeupand eyes, then here you can give free rein to their imagination. You accepted black smokey eyes makeup "cat's eye", a variety of arrows. Preferred color palette – brown, gray, blue, purple. Lips should be accentuated. For the evening a good ruby, terracotta, dark red or Burgundy lipstick. During the day you can use a gloss with a reddish hue.
Less drastic brunette with dark chestnut mane, saglabati or olive skin, brown, green or hazel eyes should choose a concealer and powder peach tones. Black eyeliner should be abandoned and replace it with brown. The shadows – bronze, green. Lipstick – dark pink, Carmine, coral.
Brunettes with light brown hair, cool skin tone and dark or blue eyes should choose neutral makeup in shades of Nude. Will not prevent a blush warm shades to give skin a more radiant appearance. Recommended ink brown, but allowed and black. The most suitable shades of eye shadow – grey, blue, greenish. Lipstick – light or dark pink, in the evening – Alai.
We should also specify cosmetic "taboo": the brunettes and girls with brown hair regardless of the color type are not strictly pastel, pale, too bright shades of glosses and lipsticks because they give the face a sickly, deprived of expression. As has been said, it is not necessary to select a tone or a powder of yellowish color, also undesirable, peach, brownish, greyish, warm shades.
And finally: if you dyed brunette, it is desirable that the color of your eyebrows was not much lighter hair color. In the salon you can do a lasting coloring.