The color of the shadow depends on the brightness of the eyes, the tone of your skin and hair. Consider the situation. A day in the workplace, appropriate beige-brown palette. It goes well with bright green or greenish-brown eyes. If your iris has a greenish-blue shade, try a soft shade of gray. Such shadows should complement brown, black or dark gray mascara.
A very fashionable option - the shade in Burgundy or dark pink. They contrast beautifully with green eyes and give them a special glow. These shadows are perfect for evening or avant-garde makeup. If you are hesitant to wear such a bright shade, apply the shadow with a very thin layer and blend well - you will get more of a hint of color. I got used to it, you will be able to increase the intensity. The color appeared more clearly apply under the shade of fixing the basis in the form of a cream or gel.
For evening makeup is nice and the shade in Golden tones. They can be satin or sparkling, containing a large amount of glitter. These shadows are especially good for warm green eyes. Gold can complement any shade of eye shadow, adding a bit of glamour to the usual makeup. Cosmetics in a cool silvery colours to use is not necessary - it does not fit well with a green iris.
Extravagant option - shadows in blue or turquoise tones. They can be blue or brown undertone eyes, completely changing the hue of the iris. Very unusual look and dramatic dark shades - black, deep chocolate, deep cherry. These colors are especially beautiful in a duet with transparent green, very bright eyes.
Multicolor landscapes for centuries are considered to be too pretentious. Try a trendy mono-makeover - with the same color completely paint over the upper eyelid and move lower. The shades can be shaded in a light mist or put a dense layer, with clearly defined boundaries - in a modern makeover is relevant for both.
Experiment not only with colors, but with texture shadows. For a day fit velvet and satin products, evening use shiny eye shadow. You can combine textures, applying powdery shadows or dry pigments on top of the cream or gel base. Matt shadows wear only Duo with more shiny tools, otherwise the makeup will look dull and boring. Add radiance powder shadows to help the common vaseline or clear lip gloss that is put on top of a color pigment.