You will need
  • - the estimated cash warrant;
  • money.
  • - the announcement on a fee cash;
  • receipt;
  • - Bank statement.
The cash that an organization has in its operations, under the so-called cash discipline needs to be capitalized to the cashier and to the end of the working day delivered to the Bank on its settlement account. From Deposit cash at the Bank shall be exempt only private entrepreneurs.
To Deposit cash at the Bank will need the cash management order. His form TO N-2 approved by the Resolution of Goskomstat of Russia from 18.08.1998 N 88. RKO writes in one instance, the employee of the accounting Department and then shall be signed by the chief accountant and the head of the company.
Delivery cash carries out cashier or the Trustee. You can also use the services of collectors, having signed an agreement with the Bank on the collector service. But the service is quite expensive, so resorted to it is usually large companies, and small, usually pass the money yourself.
At RKO in the string "issue", the surname, name and patronymic of the person who receive money for Deposit in Bank. In the string "base" - the content of financial transactions. As a rule, depositing money in the Bank from revenue and sales of goods and services.

The estimated cash order must be recorded in the journal of the receipts and expenditure cash documents TO form N-3.
When depositing cash to the cashier of the banking institution, you need to place an ad on cash deposits (form No. 0402001), to present the account cash warrant and get a receipt, which the cashier of the Bank obliged to grant after receiving the money. The receipt shall bear the stamp of the Bank.
After her with RKO attached to that part of the cash book, which are filled with a blueprint and tear. The Bank also gives you a Bank statement. After the money transferred to the account, the accountant does posting the debit 51 credit 50, reflecting the delivery of money from cash Desk in the Bank.