The status of the lawyer in the result of the qualification exam shall be assigned for an indefinite period, age limits, he is also not limited. After the person receives the status of a lawyer, he is entered in the state register of attorneys maintained in each region separately. Based on this, he is issued a certificate stamped by the Ministry of justice. In fact, the status of the attorney is fixed and evidenced by this certificate.
The lawyer is deprived of secured status only in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The basis for deprivation of the status of a lawyer may serve as, first, a personal statement, the attorney in writing filed with the local body of the Federal justice, on the termination status of the lawyer.
Also, the lawyer is deprived of the status of the lawyer, if it is recognized incapable or partially capable. Under active legal capacity in civil law understand the ability to have subjective rights and perform their duties independently. If the lawyer for six months will join the existing education law as his penis or he will not be the founder thereof, he loses the status of a lawyer automatically.
The basis of deprivation of the status of the lawyer is also the death of the lawyer or has a legal solution to the territorial authority of the court declaring him dead. In the event of violation of professional ethics or Commission of an act which tarnishes the honor and dignity of both the lawyerand the legal profession as a whole.
Committing attorney crime and his involvement as a defendant in a criminal case is an important reason for deprivation of the status of the lawyer. Mandatory condition – the presence of intent to commit the offense.