You will need
  • - statistics by area;
  • - assessment of the market;
  • - data on the cost of hairdressing and other services;
  • - data on average wages in this field;
  • the cost of rent, repair of premises and equipment.
Rate market. Find out how much salons beauty already there in the area where you intend to open your what services and at what price they provide. The most successful companies in this sector have websites or at least pages where you can find all the necessary information about their activities. Then visit some salons. If it is not possible to visit everywhere, go to the most and least popular. Pay attention not only to the list of services and prices, just look at the equipment and assess the ability of personnel to communicate with customers.
If you are going to open a salon in a small village, estimate the average income of the inhabitants. Data are available in the statistics division of the local administration, this information is not closed. It may happen that some of the services you would offer, would be beyond the pocket of your potential customers. For a large city this point is not as important as a good salon wealthy clients even come from another district. Treatments offered by the salon of beautycan be image, health and relaxation. Identify priorities and possible combinations.
Look for the room. In the Department of management of municipal property find out who his owner is, and also the rent. If you want to get a good profit, the room should be spacious enough. Keep in mind that the institution require outside areas that any income is not allowed. The area of 120-180 square meters. m at the proper organization of work will allow you to get a solid profit, and at the same time, you don't have to pay extra rent.
Determine what rooms are in your salon. Must be comfortable furnished lounge where visitors can wait their turn. It is possible to arrange a small shop related products. You can organize it yourself or to rent out a space in the sublease. In addition, the salon should be a hairdressing room, manicure and pedicure rooms (can be combined), cosmetology, massage, Solarium, etc. their Size depends on the number and size of equipment, popularity of a service and other factors. In addition, you must comply with sanitary norms, as they are for the salons of beauty is quite hard. To the auxiliary premises are the head of the office, warehouse, sterilization room, staff lounge areas. They are smaller in size. Enter the names and footage of premises to the list.
Make a table of your monthly income. In the first column write the names of services in others - their daily amount, planned output, price, monthly revenue, consumption in percentage and in terms of payment, profit. If pricing is guided by the fact that the price must be above cost by a quarter or more.
The same plate make for calculating the payment of staff. Populate it with the names of the specialties, pay (it can be in the form of salary, per cent of turnover or mixed), the approximate amount of payment, the number of professionals in each profile and the total amount of consumption on each article.
Calculate the total amount of operating costs at a time when the salon will start to work. This includes staff salaries, utilities, organization of advertising, the purchase of consumables.
Determine the amount of costs at the organizational stage. This includes project costs, repairs, rent, equipment (not only purchase but also the installation), furniture, starter supplies, advertising and wages of the staff at this time. It is not excluded that the part of expenses you can offset from the rent. This issue is under the jurisdiction of local authorities, it is necessary to find out in the Department of management of municipal property. There you can find the conditions for the transfer of municipal premises in the property.
Count all the costs. Apart from the already mentioned articles, there are still taxes and wages to support staff, if you have not included it in the total sign. Indicate the payback period of the salon. Typically, subsidies are allocated to support small and medium-sized businesses from regional or local budgets, is required to make a General table in one column where articles of consumption, such as the salary of the main and auxiliary personnel, taxes. rent, materials, hozrashody, advertising. Count the total amount of the costs and the payback period for your salon beauty.
When finalizing the business plan of salon KRASOTY specify the goals and objectives of your business. Determine the accounting period (for which you accounted for all calculations). To open your venture can gradually, it is also necessary to specify in the business plan. Make this document part of the income and expenses for each period. There must be data for the whole period of business.