First of all, you need to make a business plan that would demonstrate: how the flow will go to the opening, what is the estimated amount will be in profit, what equipment you'll need, how much time it will take to prepare the room, how much space is needed for a salon and more. After you have compiled a business plan, you must find and purchase suitable premises, which later need to be redone and to prepare the cabin. While in the room will be repaired and ready, you need to take care of the documents. This will make those that confirm the registration of your company. If you rent a room, then you have to be a lease and a permit to repair the premises. In addition to opening you will need: the conclusion of the fire inspection and permit to operate.Once the room is ready, you need to obtain sanitary and epidemiological documents. These include: a contract for removal and disposal of hair and other biological waste, contracts to perform preventive procedures (deratization, disinfection, disinsection), a contract for service with a Laundry and other. In addition, you must sign a contract with a company involved in the maintenance of cash registers and maintenance agreement with REU. Additionally you need to obtain permission to trade related products and list of services rendered and of goods sold. As soon as all necessary documents will be assembled, equipment installed, and the interior is almost ready to be opened, it is necessary to take care of the advertising. To do this, the contracts are drawn up on the placement of signage and the installation of billboards. The final aspect is the design of the medical record for all employees and documents confirming that these employees are professional masters of their craft.