Make a list of future services

You need to foresee the range of services expected by the businessman, it could be a pedicure, manicure, massage, wraps, Facials, hair styling, Solarium and much more. It is important to remember that the number of services will depend on the amount of budget invested in the business.

Choose a place under a Spa

To select the location in the city limits, where live the rich strata of the population (the elite area of the village), as they make up the customer base, which receive the greatest profit. It should be readily available for people that is located closer to the center. The room can be rented (fee per square meter) or build your own. The location of the future Spa should be further from competitors to capture more potential customers. If the entrepreneur decided to build the room yourself, then you need to hire the services of an architect who will help not only to build, but will consult with a quality repair each Cabinet. Definitely Spa should be water, toilet and good ventilation.

The working staff.

The number of staff depends on treatment rooms and services. Every worker in this field needs to have professional education and work experience. In addition to people providing services in treatment rooms, you need a salon receptionist, accountant and janitor.


Check the future of the Spa need to go to the local tax authorities. To provide the necessary documents, obtain tax ID, license and all the permits from different public services. One of the main permissions is from the fire service.

To purchase equipment

Need computer equipment, pedicure chairs, massage tables, linens for each room, office equipment and much more. To buy music centre, to play relaxing music for the customers.


Pricing must come from the average prices in the region and not exceed than the competition. To make a colorful catalogue for customers so they can see with all the services of a Spa salon.

Promotion in the market

Create electronic page from the future organization, describe the positive (benefits) moments compared to competitors. To place an ad in the local newspaper and radio advertising is short and high-quality text. After opening the salon to hand out flyers on the street and look for potential customers. On the opening day to throw a party, and in the first month of work to provide all customers with significant discounts.