You will need
  • the descaler;
  • - citric acid;
  • - lemons;
  • potato cleaning;
  • - vinegar.
Use advanced tools for removing limescale. Look in the shops for a special liquid or powder. The label shall be the inscription "For descaling of kettles". What is used for dishwashing or washing machines will not work. Read the instructions for use and follow these recommendations. After the liquid with boil, let it stand for a bit, then drain and rinse the samovar with clean water.
Pour into the samovar filled with a bottle of acetic acid. Heat the water to about 60 degrees. Ensure it does not boil. Leave it for an hour, then drain the water and rinse the pot. Do not use more aggressive acid – it is dangerous to health. First, will be based on toxic fumes, and secondly, you can stay acid particles on the walls of the samovar, which can cause poisoning.
Take 30 g of citric acid and pour it in the samovar. Boil water and leave for 12 hours to all the scum corroded. Thoroughly rinse the samovar at the end of the clean water without detergent.
3-5 slice lemons and place them in the samovar. Cover with water and put to boil. Lemons are about the same as acid, limescale will depart from the walls in 10-12 hours. You will only have to rinse the container.
Clean a few pounds of potatoes, cleaning thoroughly rinse under running water and place inside the samovar. Pour warm water and put to boil. Leave for a few hours, then clean the walls with baking soda and a sponge.