The simplest although not a very reliable calendar method of determining ovulation. It is based on observation and idea of what happens in the body of every woman for a conditional month. Ovulation separates your cycle into two phases: follicle maturation and luteal. The first phase lasts different, from 10 to 16 days. The second one is always stable and is different women are 12-16 days. Between these two phases is ovulation. Therefore, theoretically it is possible to expect around 12-16 days before the end of the menstrual cycle.
If you regularly keep track of the days, where you record the date your period, calculating ovulation is not difficult. Take the shortest cycle and subtract 16. Then from the longest cycle, subtract 12. The result is the most probable days that might involve conception. If the cycle is regular, then this interval is 5 days, and if irregular – add a few more days.
For the calendar method of determining ovulation based online calendars that you'll find on the Internet. Enter individual dates in the empty cells, click "calculate" and gives the date.
There is a method of determining ovulation based on measurements of basal temperature. To apply this method, it is necessary for three months in the morning to measure and record the rectal temperature. Then can make a schedule and notice a pattern: in the first half of the cycle the temperature unchanged, below 37 degrees (if you are healthy, of course). Then it abruptly increased by 0.4-0.6 degrees and after that it is not changed in the second half of your cycle. Ovulation occurs the day before the temperature rise.
In pharmacies now you can buy a test for ovulation. It is almost the same as to determine pregnancy, but based on other chemical reactions. To use the test strip easily, since it contains detailed instructions. It should be performed several days in a row. When you get a positive result within days wait for ovulation.
Another technical innovation for the calculations of ovulation, as a special microscope for the study of saliva. The size of it not more than a lipstick and can easily fit in a handbag. The method is based on the fact that when, during ovulation in women increases the amount of estrogen changes the composition of saliva, and it is noticeable under the microscope.
In those cases, if you really need to just calculating ovulation, you can use the ultrasound. It is carried out in specialized clinics with the help of vaginal ultrasound sensors. The women are, beginning from 7-10 day of the cycle until the day of ovulation.