Often believe that home and school with the girls more trouble than boys. But more and more it appears that boys lack confidence, so they learn and behave worse than the more self-confident to their peers. Psychologists say that boys are no less in need of the proper education from childhood, which will be key to their success and happiness in the future.
Keep in mind that in preschool age boys to a greater extent is produced by the male hormone testosterone. Which makes them uncontrollable, sometimes aggressive and increases the likelihood that at school they will have some problems. So keep in mind that due to the influence of testosterone, your son may: pretend to be the Batman, Schwarzenegger, then just a tough guy from an action movie; think of dramatic plane crashes, trains and cars; to provide an outlet for accumulated energy, playing football, running a race or during a game to create unbearable noise and rumbling; become irritable, aggressive, overbearing. Think of the effect of hormones on the behavior of the son for granted, because during puberty the level of testosterone in his blood reaches a pretty significant concentration.
Remember that the emotional needs of boys much higher than girls. They are sharper fear of separation from parents has a stronger impact on them. They are more difficult than girls to Express their feelings. Most often it is boys required assistance in the development of such communication skills as communication, the ability to share, ability to argue without fighting. Unfortunately, instead of to fill the need of the son in the expression of feelings, parents, on the contrary, try to give his character this quality as much as possible. After all, he's the future man. Never do this. In any case, do not focus on active games, even if your son is not dealing with what, in your opinion, should engage the boys, and what he likes. You should not tease son a "wimp" or "sissy" when he cries expressing their feelings.
Please note that for a boy it is very important to spend enough time with his father, who from birth have to take an active part in the upbringing of his son. Baby will follow daddy all his actions, to adopt male behavior, and all that the father will speak, will affect his views and further development. Therefore, the joint holding of free evenings and weekends should be a standard practice.
Remember, in the early years boys increasingly intensified work of the right hemisphere of the brain. So your son will prefer the physical and practical classes. You may not be excited about catching beetles, dismemberment slippery worms or climbing trees. But despite the fact that you can be in constant expectation of accidents during the game, try to provide the child himself. This will allow it to expand its field of activity and horizons.