The cause of the disease can be all Pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, rabbits, parrots. Forever cure allergies with a lifetime guarantee that she's never coming back to you, almost impossible. In the fight against this disease try to avoid contact with potential outside "provocateurs". Sources of allergens – wool, dander, saliva, feathers, feces of animals. In such a situation, unfortunately, your beloved pet better to leave. After this should be in the house a few thorough General cleanings. Improvement usually does not occur immediately, but after a few weeks.
If you have such an option, then, firstly, regularly (at least once a week) wash your pet. Let it do other family members. Secondly, get rid of "dust collectors" like carpets, heavy curtains, large soft toys. They clogged with dust and particles of the epidermis of the animal, forming an obstacle to treatment. Try to isolate your bedroom from living in the house cats or dogs. Regularly ventilate the apartment, wet cleaning and daily wipe the furniture.
Take antihistamines second and third generation. In allergic runny nose 1-2 times a day, rinse the nose with salt solution (1/3 of a teaspoon of sea salt to 1 Cup boiled water). This procedure will help to relieve swelling of the mucous membranes.
Visit an allergist and do a skin test, which will help to determine exactly what kind of material provokes in you an Allergy. Perhaps after that, the doctor may recommend the holding of allergen-specific immunotherapy. With its help, the body gradually accustomed to the allergen over time he ceased to react to it.
To alleviate the condition of allergies will help modern cleaners and air washer. They are able to remove from the premises all visible and invisible dust particles, pollen, kill bacteria, viruses and chemical compounds. Be sure to use such a device in your home.