Consider marketing policy, taking into account the target audience and location. Advertise on major highways within a radius of 1 km around the sink and place the pillars near her. Print colorful flyers and post them in neighboring yards, promise discounts to presenters to attract your first customers.
Keep in mind that the most effective advertising – testimonials from satisfied customers. Each of them will talk about your wash even at least three friends, but was displeased with the service the client is able to scare away ten people. For most customers, is fundamental to the quality of cleaning, for which they would be willing to pay. Great play value even the little things – wiped clean Cup holders, door pockets. If vacuuming the interior, don't forget to raise the rear seats and remove debris under them.
Note the area in front of sink, it needs to be big enough so the customers do not have to stand in line. Solving the problem with the queue, make sure that motorists could be accommodated in the room for waiting. Decorate it in soothing tones, furnish soft, comfortable furniture, guide Internet, Wi-Fi, hang a large TV. For ladies-automodelic you can put the table where they can get a manicure while waiting for their car wash.
Organize the room where would expect, the ability to drink a good Cup of coffee, eat fresh pastries. Everything connected with food should be scrupulously clean. Some of the popular car wash have the opportunity to eat a hot lunch. If the room allows it, consider this additional opportunity to attract customers.
Use of cumulative discount. For example, make the receipt an inscription, showing that 9 of these checks, the client will be able to wash the car for free. Thus a given amount of cleaning will maintain the clients themselves. When a large order from 500-700 rubles give out additional bonuses for example air fresheners. Do discount cards for the regular customers, it would be a great reason to service your car exactly to your wash.