You will need
  • -registration as a legal entity
  • -business plan
  • -business project
  • -statement to the administration
  • -a letter to the mayor
  • -coordination with main architectural Department
  • resolution of SES
  • -resolution of fire protection
  • resolution of the organization for the protection of nature and environment
  • -resolution of labor protection Department
  • -equipment
  • -sewage treatment plant
  • -staff
Choosing a place to build – please contact the administration with a request to provide selected land for construction of a car wash. Pending preliminary approvals and permits prepare a business plan, register as a legal entity with the formation of a JSC, LLC or JSC.
Invite the architect for drawing up the architectural project and the sketch. Agree with the main Department of urban architecture, sign in the SES and the fire brigade.
Write a letter to the mayor of the city with the application of the obtained documents and send it by registered post.
After receiving a written reply from the city hall order the development of the main project. Check the main project with the SES, firefighters, the organization for the protection of nature and environment, with representatives of labor. In the main Department of architecture and urban planning you should draw up a document on the state examination of the project.
After collecting and matching documents back to the city administration. Endorsing your project and assembled a package of permissions and authorizations, you will be given a permit for temporary or permanent use of the selected plot.
The construction is necessary to carry out strictly in accordance with the agreed project. No derogation from the project to agree on the final phase is impossible.
Preparation of construction documents takes up to two years. Everything is solved much faster when you have a large amount of money.
To permit operation of the car after the completion of the need to install treatment facilities. To invite representatives of SES, fire brigade, labour Inspectorate, the organization for the protection of nature and environment for the rendering of a final verdict.
Need to purchase a cash register to calculate customers, employ staff for the job. When working with the staff necessary to conduct the work book. To report to tax inspection can not do without a professional accountant. The cashier needs to take the cashier with the documents for the permission to work for cash and keep cash records.
To attract clients, set a good sign, give extensive advertising with prices. Prices on the initial stage of operation, install low. Customers use your services to give your loyalty card with additional discounts and bonus rewards.
After that you can start working.