Do not forget that the stability of the car depends on how well designed the constitutive and authorization documents. In order to open a car wash, you need to prepare the documents.

The first is to determine what form of business organization you prefer. There are two options: to register as a sole trader or register a legal entity. Carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Select the most appropriate form of registration.

The next stage consists of obtaining permits. Without them to open a car wash cannot. First, you must obtain permission from the local authorities. Write a letter of request and submit it to the administration of the city or district. In the letter describe the request for allocation of the land plot under construction of a car wash.

You don't get permits without a project car. It is best to trust his engineering organization. The project of the car wash must comply with all applicable fire, environmental, sanitary, architectural standards. It needs to be approved by all authorities. Prepare yourself for the fact that the development of the project and its approval will take time.

As a rule, design organizations offer two options: the development of the project and the development of the project with the agreement. The first option is cheaper, but you will need to coordinate the project, to walk independently for all instances. The second option assumes that approval will be engaged in project organization. Of course, in the second case, you overpay a little, but will receive documents much faster. Decide what is more important to you: saving money or high-speed processing of documents.

Please visit the architectural Committee, sanitary and epidemiological stations. Be sure to go to the Department of environmental protection, fire protection and occupational safety and get permission for the provision of services for washing of vehicles. This point is very important. If at least one conclusion does not exist, the project car will not be approved.

You in addition to all the above documents need act for temporary or permanent possession of the land. The report shall be made after the project is approved. The land will be allotted only after receipt of this document. You will get a warrant for the construction of a car wash. After that you can begin construction of the facility. After the completion of urban services needs to collect the car and issue the relevant document.