The best option, in which the wash will notice at least every second driver is that it is situated directly along the roadway, a fairly noticeable sign. But this solution is not available to every company because of different reasons: financial limitations, lack of free space to the lease premises and so on. Some car washes are forced to live almost in the courtyards, where the "high road" of their impossible to find.
Organize a special event designed for a specific period of time (preferably not very long). The essence of the campaign – 50% discount for its members. All the information is printed on colored flyers (of course, with phone, address and other necessary data), which is then distributed by a bona fide promoters or pull out into car dealerships and gas stations. Well "work" and billboards that are installed along the route.
What's going on? At the car wash gets the client, which usually attract discounts, and in the mind assesses the situation of the company, quality of service, professionalism of the staff. If everything is represented at a decent level, can rely on regular.
If the car still does not have a website on the Internet, it is necessary to create, even at the simplest level. To complement and redo it later, but for now the main thing – to inform about the company's services as more and more people.
What's going on? On site car wash comes more and more visitors. Nonresident find out useful information associated with the selection and the competent maintenance of automobiles (such information on the website should be required), and the owners living in the same city, analyze all data and come "visit" to wash his car, and at the same time to look to the service.
The main thing not to forget: most good and effective advertising is a quality service and polite, knowledgeable staff. Without this essential conditions are no marketing courses will have success, and the company will never gain loyal customers. Quality and integrity should be the hallmark of any company engaged in car service, and then your car wash will recommend to friends and colleagues, other companies and organizations – and then it does not need any promotion, no flyers, no billboards: the reputation will work for you.