One of the most common causes of gray hair is stress. Constant psychological pressure experienced by many people, especially often it affects teenagers, like at school, a strained relationship with peers, etc. If you think that stress could cause you have grey hair, try more often to relax, not to exert himself in study or work, not to interfere and to be as relaxed in communication.
Numerous studies by dermatologists indicate that the continuous presence of dandruff can also be a cause of graying hair. Definitely struggle with this problem, if you have it. Use special shampoos, antifungals, anti-dandruff (for example, "SULSENA") or citric acid.
The cause of premature aging of hair, and also the appearance of gray hair can be an incorrect diet. An unbalanced diet can lead to lack of nutrients required by the body, which in turn leads to aging not only hair, but also the whole organism. To solve this problem it is necessary to establish and strictly adhere to the right diet.
Increase consumption of foods rich in iron, deficiency of this substance is often the cause of gray hair. Iron helps the body produce melanin, which, in particular, gives the hair the necessary color. Iron can be found in foods such as spinach, lemon, mushrooms and seafood (especially crabs).
Regular and thorough care of your hair and scalp is also very important. To prevent the appearance of gray hair can use a variety of mixtures. For example, mix the coconut oil, and pumpkin pulp in equal proportions and apply this mixture on your hair for about an hour, then rinse with warm, running water. Do this procedure regularly, it will help to avoid premature aging of hair.
A good remedy for hair care are Curry leaves. Tincture to hot water from these leaves can be used for direct application to the hair. In addition, the leaves can be consumed by adding them to various dishes. To care for the scalp add a Cup of black tea, one tablespoon of salt. Apply this solution on the head and carefully massage your head as if shampooing. Continue this process for 30 minutes, then wash your head with warm water.