In any case, don't be late, especially in the early days. You zarekomenduete itself irresponsible and non-punctual person. Notice it all, including the bosses, and will make certain conclusions. Come 10-15 minutes early and leave immediately after the end of the day, stay for a while. Show your interest in the work.
Try at first to talk less and listen more. Determine which communication style adopted in the team. Refrain from familiarity, you should contact initially to all "you".
Take all the rules of the company, including how to dress for work. Better still at the interview to find out what style of clothing is encouraged. Meet on clothes, so try to be dressed in the style of the company, at least in the early days.
Be natural and friendly with all, don't try to be someone you are not. Try to show himself as a peaceful man. Show that you are ready to make contact. Ask questions about the case, but don't overdo it.
Try to remember all the staff by name. This will position people to himself. Get the Secretary a list of birthdays of all employees. Give these days a little trivia, here the main thing - attention. Colleague will be very happy that you know about his holiday.
You will quickly join the new team, if you make suggestions to lunch with colleagues, go to a cafe after work or to participate in a corporate party. Corporate events and informal atmosphere, very notably, do not need to abandon it in any case.
Do not stoop to gossip. If you are trying to draw in some kind of conflict between two parties, let them know that have not yet penetrated into the essence. Behave neutrally. You should not accept a draw position, otherwise you'll give yourself a lot of detractors.
Designate a time frame for entering the new team. Usually three months is the optimum period for making the decision to leave or stay. If you failed to break the ice in the hearts of new colleagues, it is better not to spend more of their energy. It is unlikely you will be able to realize their potential in a company where you feel yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown.