The transition to a new job is stressful in itself. The new employee wants to show their best side, he's hitting all the materials concerning his duties that he could get. Entering the room, he already gushes ideas, tackles for any order, helping people and trying to make everything perfect. Here, only the rare person could in the first days of work not to make any mistakes. In the end, allowed minor flaws to bring the newcomer almost to tears, and colleagues look askance at upstart nervous.

Do not try immediately to show their best side, accept the fact that the first time you will need the help of colleagues in order to acquire the necessary knowledge. Be diligent and ask questions in case of difficulty. For the first time this will be enough to ensure that people have a positive impression of you.
During the interviews, note the order, instituted in your new office. Dress up as employees – they prefer the casual style, or all the polls are dressed in suits. Are they looking towards each other by name and patronymic, or crony clap on the back. Coming to a new team, look and behave appropriately. Calling him "nick", of course, not necessary, but be ready soon to go with colleagues to "you", if it's so accepted.
In every team there is a corporate culture. You will have to adhere to certain rules, even if your work place was different. To regain their right not a smoke and Cup of coffee during working hours would be a big mistake on your part.
Gossip is not encouraged, but, nevertheless, they are an integral part of almost any team. Try not to become their protagonist, and gently refuse to discuss others. If colleagues will show interest, can you briefly tell us about yourself some information: which University you graduated from, where they worked before. To tell personal information about yourself – are you married, do you have children, how many and why, is left to your discretion. But remember that the information you give to colleagues who can also become a perfect breeding ground for rumors.